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TS-200 Semi-automatic Thermal Sealer




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TS-200 Semi-automatic Thermal Sealer


TS-200 Semi-automatic Thermal Sealer prevents sample loss and space cross infection caused in process of testing of various kinds of micro plate (PCR plate, deep well storage plate, Elisa plate and cell culture plate) by sealing various kinds of heat sealing films. With simple and elegant appearance and adjustable sealing pressure setting of sealing platen, it is easy to operate and accepts a wider range of plates, including standard plate and deep well plates. With variable temperature and time settings and rapid heating. Its real temperature displays simultaneous. TS-200 is applied to ordinary adhesive films, heating sealing films, optical heat sealing film (quantitative PCR), permanent heat sealing films. Instead of artificial sealing, automated sealing operation ensures seal platen firm. The uniform pressure ensures consistent results. The TS-200 sealer using advanced ceramic platen heating technology avoids adhesion of seal film. Two side of the body of sealer are designed with windows, which is convenient to clean and maintain the heating element, increasing it lifespan. Applying steel ball orbit makes less noise and gets more accurate location. Automated sleep mode and deep sleep mode can be set for energy saving. All above makes TS-200 stand out and be an essential assistant to PCR instrument and quantitative PCR instruments. 

  • Compact design, small occupied space, simple operation
  • OLED display screen, high light and no visual angle limit, more energy saving and eco-friendly
  • Adjustable sealing plate temp.: 80~200℃, real temp. Displays, rapid heating, reaching 170℃ in 300 seconds, rapid cooling down with fan cooling
  • Sealing plate pressure can be adjusted according to reality, various kinds of micro plates and heat sealing films to replace
  • The microprocessor controls temperature with good accuracy. The ingenious uniform structure of heat sealing plate ensures consistent sealing results
  • Variable temperature and time setting for accurate optimization. Temperature can be precisely set in increment of 1.0℃, and time in increments of 0.1s
  • Advanced ceramics platen heating technology avoids adhesion of sealing film due to excessive high temperature
  • Two sides of the body is equipped with windows, which is convenient to clean and maintain the heating element
  • When instrument don’t act more than 60min, it automatically switches into stand-by mode during which the temperature of the heating element is reduced to 60℃ to save energy
  • When instrument don’t act more than 120min, it switches off automatically for added safety. It switched off the display and heating. With slight current provided for central element, the sealer will restart once pressing any button.
  • The drawer is controlled by friendly design if hand or objects interface with the drawer when it’s working, the motor will automatically reverse from drawer. This feature prevents injury to the user and sample.


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