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Date de publication : 09-11-2018

Climate Chambers




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Climate Chambers

Dynamic environmental chamber is a specialized temperature, humidity and illumination apparatus for mould, bacteria and microorganisms cultivation and preservation, plant growth, tissue cultivation, BOD test for water analysis, insects & small animal raising. It is a idea choice for genetic engineering, medical, environmental protection, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry research institutes. 

  • Large LCD display with intuitive interface facilitate your daily operation
  • PID technology provides precise temperature control,minimum fluctuation, and timing function.
  • Imported high efficiency cross-flow fan and dedicated air circulation system keep the temperature uniformity in the working chamber
  • The working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, round corner and adjustable shelf design is convenient for cleaning
  • Renowned compressor,incorporating unique design of evaporation-condesation and cooling systems ensures stable and continuous working
  • Modular cooling parts equipped with turn-on delay,stop interval protection function extend the lifespan of compressor
  • Integral cooling system provides multi-level protection and self safety detection.Patented energy saving automatic defrosting guarantees the temperature accuracy
  • Memory protection from power failure, High and low temperature alarm
  • Universal wheel and fixed feet are both transportable and stable
  • The cultivation samples can be clearly observed through inner doors while worry-free of temperature change
  • Toughened glass and magnetic seals made of nano-material show great warm-keeping performance
  • Simulating natural illumination changes between day and night, as well as multi-directional light
  • Micro-processor controlled temperature, humidity, illumination. Preset temperature level according to light/dark (day/night) conditions.
  • Humidity control system integrated by micro-processor, percentage humidity level is displayed
  • Independent temperature control system incorporates Ni-chrome alloy electrical heating mode
  • Intelligent programmable controller can be preset as 30 segments with 9999 minutes for each
  • Continuous working time is more than 360 hours
  • Light source can be customized, red and blue light are optional
  • Compared to traditional point or linear light source, LED cold light is more compact and designable with low energy consumption, fast response and uniform coverage


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