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Date de publication : 09-11-2018

Humidity Test Chambers




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Humidity Test Chambers

The new generation of humidity test chamber has a precise temperature and humidity control system. It provides the various simulated environment conditions for industrial research and biotechnology testing. It is applicable in sterility test and stability check for pharmaceuticals, textile and food processing. Furthermore, the raw material, packaging and lifespan tests can be carried out for industrial products. 

  • Large LCD display with intuitive interface facilitate your daily operation
  • Microprocessor technology provides precise temperature control,minimum fluctuation, and timing function.
  • Imported high efficiency cross-flow fan and dedicated air circulation system keep the temperature uniformity in the working chamber
  • The working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, round corner and adjustable shelf design is convenient for cleaning
  • Renowned compressor,incorporating unique design of evaporation-condesation and cooling systems ensures stable and continuous working
  • Modular cooling parts equipped with turn-on delay,stop interval protection function extend the lifespan of compressor
  • Integral cooling system provides multi-level protection and self safety detection.Patented energy saving automatic defrosting guarantees the temperature accuracy
  • Memory protection from power failure, High and low temperature alarm
  • Universal wheel and fixed feet are both transportable and stable
  • The cultivation samples can be clearly observed through inner doors while worry-free of temperature change
  • Toughened glass and magnetic seals made of nano-material show great warm-keeping performance
  • Humidity control system integrated by micro-processor, percentage humidity level is displayed
  • Independent temperature control system incorporates Ni-chrome alloy electrical heating mode


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