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Date de publication : 01-08-2017

A Textbook of Automobile Engineering (1 Vol)

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Algérie الجزائر
16- Alger
Djasr Kasentina
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09- Blida, 16- Alger, 35- Boumerdes, 42- Tipaza
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A Textbook of Automobile Engineering (1 Vol)



A Textbook Of Automobile Engineering has been authored for the candidates who are aspiring to appear for the B.E. N.A B.Tech, A.M.I.E. examinations. This book is also helpful for students who want to prepare for various other diploma courses and competitive eR.K Rajput s A Text Book Of Automobile Engineering is a detailed book that highlights varied subjects of Automobile Engineering in a comprehensive and conventional way. An additional objective type questions' bank is provided at the end of this book to test where the candidate stands in his or her overall preparation for the examinations. Every chapter in this book ends with some Short Answer Questions, Highlights, and Objective Type Questions to help candidates assess themselves. The book presents every chapter imbued with necessary text backed by distinct graphic representations that will help candidates to understand the subjects discussed easily. The writing style of this book is crystal clear and very methodical.This book also holds a relevant number of solved examples, adjoined to some of the chapters with respective scores to every question that grooms the candidates for the competitive examinations. Theoretical questions and unsolved examples are also present in this book making it an integral comprehensive guide. The various chapters of this book include topics like Introduction, Power Unit-Automobile Engineers, Fuel Supply System, Engine Friction and Lubrication Systems, Cooling Systems, Chassis and Suspension, Transmission System, Steering and Front Axle, Braking System, Automotive Electrical System, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Automobile, Miscellany, Additional Objective, Type Questions Bank, Appendices, and Index.xaminations.
4.680,00 DA
Rajput, R. K.
Maison d'édition
Laxmi Publications
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